Pocsag on amateur bands - some interfacing stuff

Interfacing Tecnomen HIQ1000AT paging transmitter to PC

I've designed couple of different interfaces for locally available paging transmitters based on different designs. The first trial was based on N2RVQ's work, and files for it can be found here.
testing adapter with HIQ1000 transmitter pocsag adapter based on N2RVQ's work

The second version, which is currently deployed at RATS's R.Viesti -network, is based loosely on Arduino concept. Initial prototype and firmware that this design is based on was made by OH7LZB. Files for the project can be found at here. Pictures below are from v1.0 boards, which have a slight error that has been corrected on v1.1 files.

Simple programming interface for Unication/Motorola Advisor 2 pagers

Programming interface on these pagers is quite simple, you can use a simple rs232 - 3.3V converter (for example an old cell phone data cable) with a single diode.

Here's a sample code plug file that's set up on 144.975 MHz.
surplus cell data cable converted to programming cable pager adapter with one diode and some pins

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